Stuff to Read

Some really interesting things on climate policy communications and climate policy strategy:

1. Theda Skocpol explains and expands on her critique of the cap-and-trade battles of 2009-2010.  She’s right on about 90% of it, and on the other 10%, she’s not entirely wrong.   I certainly hope big green philanthropy is reading this stuff. (Also, philanthropy, while you’re reading things, read this one on how progressives are losing think-tank ground in the states.)

2. A lengthy and scholarly article on “framing and moral messaging in environmental campaigns.” The article describes “methods for reframing climate change in ways that are more personally engaging, for creating a moral foundation that compels greater participation, for localizing the issue and switching policy focus, thereby diffusing political polarization, and for using opinion-leaders as community-level connectors and recruiters.” Smart advice that shouldn’t have needed a lengthy and scholarly article to explain.

3. An interview with UCLA professor Ursula Heise on “the narratives of climate change and the evolving challenges environmentalism faces in telling its story.” Also, an interesting discussion on why climate change is talked about way more than other environmental imperatives.