Everyday Drones

The last thing I want to do is get in an argument with a crazed Rand Paul partisan, but I think the whole drone thing is overblown. It seems that folks on all sides would do well to unpack the drone-targeted extra-judicial killing problem a bit: citizen or non-citizen; U.S. soil or foreign soil; wartime or not wartime; imminent threat or not imminent threat; deadly threat or non-deadly threat; alternative to deadly force or no alternative to deadly force; judicial involvement or no judicial involvement?

There are almost certainly other considerations, but the point remains that due process is really a multi-dimensional sliding scale, depending on the facts and circumstances.  In a land of helicopter-televised manhunts and police pursuits, I would have thought it easier to analogize drone ethics to the day-to-day life and liberty trade-offs already found in the law.